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"When I feature a piece in my store, its because its either a must have staple, or because its a great wardrobe booster for a specific season. My clients are stylish, they know its a balance act and they know I take clothes very seriously"

INA CONCEPT is an extension of Mayte Allende's work as a stylist and editor at some of the most prestigious publications in the world, such as W Magazine and WWD where she lead the editorial team as Women's Fashion Director for almost a decade.

Most women dream of having a personal stylist guide them through their sartorial choices, just as celebrities do. Now, what used to be a luxury experience for the few, is attainable for most.

"I have had the pleasure of working with dozens of celebrities and private high net worth clients throughout my career. With this concept- INA, I aim to offer the everyday woman a chance to gain access to a professional point of view, in a way that feels organic and attainable. With social media, these conversations have become truly organic. I love lending my expertise to the everyday woman"

Two years ago, Mayte embarked on a mission to build relationships with the best factories, wholesellers and distributors in the world. Her vast network and insider's knowledge led her to some of the best clothing manufacturers and today, she has agents all throughout Asia, Australia, India and Europe providing her with amazing resources.

"I have eyes everywhere and I do not rest until I find the absolute best pieces in the best fabrics at the highest quality for the best price"

-Mayte Allende Heres